Fuelled by passion

Our mission: Creating the perfect synergy between all parties in IT projects to create and deliver innovative digital solutions.

Passion is our driving force in advising our clients on their IT projects.

Peaks is first and foremost the story of a group of people meeting around a common passion: new technology. People with strong convictions, driven by their energy and desire to take their clients further enable them thereby to meet the challenge of the world ahead of them.

team Peaks

Our driving force

In a collaborative working environment, where new technology benefits from everyone’s insight, we believe that the sharing of information is essential. We never try to force these interactions, but we strive to facilitate and enrich them within and outside the company to create a natural emulation and productive effervescence.

At Peaks we respect and value work which is essential if we want to enable our collaborators to make a living from their passion. We therefore offer the best working conditions available so that they can totally commit to their work and fulfil themselves their mission.

Digital is a matter of fascination as much as of concern and we have an important role to play in its future development. At Peaks, we are convinced that technology can be at the source of major breakthroughs for society. We believe that a better world is possible and that we can help make it happen.

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Opening of an office in Paris


Opening of an office in Paris


Opening of an office in Lyon


Creation of the Toast & Co  brand


HD relocates to Lyon


Opening of an office in Aix en Provence


Peaks obtains the CIR certification (Innovative Company label)

2017/ 2018/2019

Our methodology

At peaks, no constraining methodology, just tailor-made.

We combine with agility Cycle in V, Agile approach, Scrum and TDD. Our methodology is adaptable and customised to meet the demands of each project according to its complexity.

With no pre-set preferences, we advise our clients on the method that best suits their project.

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Our tool box

Our partners

We support L’Enfant Bleu, a charitable organization which provides psychological and legal help to child abuse victims as well as to adults who have undergone abuse in their childhood.

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Marine Quillon-Monday, 6 January 2020

Souvenirs, souvenirs ...

Quelques photos de travail, de moments partagés, de meet-up, de rencontres en espérant qu'il y en ait autant en 2020.

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Marine Quillon-Tuesday, 10 December 2019

A la découverte d'Arnaud et de son métier chez Peaks

D'abord, Arnaud est passionné par l'univers des nouvelles technologies et surtout par l'informatique domestique depuis tout jeune! Ses deux années en alternance chez Boccard lui ont permis de passer à la pratique,

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Green Peaks-Monday, 9 December 2019

Green Peaks - Challenge #9

Avec l’arrivée des fêtes de fin d’année, nous vous proposons ce mois-ci un challenge « Cadeaux de Noël ».

Voici quelques idées à mettre en pratique, si vous le souhaitez :

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