Our research and innovation projects

Peaks encourages and facilitates innovation. We have the will to create, supervise and carry innovative, atypical, and collaborative projects. We want to do, be useful, discover, learn, share, get involved in projects that have meaning.

Our approach


A unit dedicated to research and innovation was created to identify, with the support of employees, promising and interesting topics related to current events in the digital world.

We propose topics, dig for technologies, centralize our consultants’ desires, create innovative projects and ensure their continuity and follow-up.

Objectives : discover and explore new tehnologies, work together, stimulate innovation ,challenge each other on common projects, and fuel our passions.

Collaborative, each Peaksian can contribute to the project according to their expertises and desires.

Want to propose a project ? Contact Jules, our research and innovation manager.

Peaks, player in innovation


Peaks has obtained CIR approval. This approval is a guarantee of seriousness, quality and innovation within Peaks. This allows us to work on R&I projects with approved partners.

Our hot topics (at the moment)

Green IT
Big Data
Technological watch

Focus on BeeObs


Discover BeeObs, the first project led by our unit, in partnership with ‘’Au Rythme des Abeilles ‘’.

Why is bee health especially important ?

80% of cultivated or wild plant species in Europe need a pollinating insect to reproduce. The bee mortality rate continues to increase which is catastrophic for biodiversity. We must therefore act quickly !

The B Dream Team on the project

Peaks joins forces with Cécile Leveaux, creator of ‘’Au Rythme des Abeilles ‘’, who sets up the BeeObs project. Graduated engineer, former CTO of Euronews and Peaks, Cécile has spent her career working on the application of big research projects. Today, she uses her computer  skills to serve the noble cause of environmental protection, and manages 90 beehives which she uses as an observation laboratory.

Peaks helps beekeepers and facilitate communication between them in order to collect best practices to reduce bee mortality. A real challenge for our teams which offers the possibility to functional or technical Peaks employees to collaborate on the project.

BeeObs Presentation


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