Projects from A to Z: 3 services in 1


We support and advise you before, during and beyond the implementation of your project.

We help you to clarify your strategic priorities in order to define, prioritize and anticipate your needs.

We collaborate with you throughout the whole project to organize and facilitate contact with our experts.

We advise you on how to optimize and monitor your projects.


We detect, mobilize and support IT talents.

We recruit IT talents to form an internal network of competent and trustworthy collaborators. From within this network we are rapidly able to choose the experts best suited to work on your project.

2 ways of collaborating:

Our experts...
Chez Vous
In your company:

We monitor our experts, train them and guarantee their commitment to you.

Chez Nous
In our company

Our experts have regular meetings with your teams, in our offices, and their work is monitored by us.

We can also identify for you/put you in contact with experts who are not part of our internal network. We help you develop your human resources strategies for middle and top management.

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Developing solutions

We develop innovative digital solutions with your teams and support you in their implementation...


... with talents offering multiple and complementary skills.


... relying on a continuous-learning plan of the cutting edge technologies as well as the latest methodologies.

For each project, its own technology, its own method, its own team.

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Romuald-Tuesday, 4 December 2018

GREEN PEAKS : Un nouvel engagement pour protéger l’environnement

Nous savons tous que les énergies fossiles (Gaz naturel, Charbon, Pétrole) sont néfastes à l’environnement. Elles utilisent des ressources finies, et émettent des gaz à effet de serre. Il en est de même pour les énergies dites fissiles (fission et fusion nucléaire), qui utilisent des ressources présentes sur la planète en quantité limité (Uranium) et émettent des déchets radioactifs destinés à être enterrés pour des centaines d’années. Mais alors que faire pour consommer plus propre ?

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Gabriel-Tuesday, 27 November 2018

De la transformation digitale des entreprises non nativement digitales…

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Marine Quillon-Friday, 16 November 2018

Peaks rencontre les futurs ingénieurs des Mines

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